SAORI ARTS NYC is a weaving arts nonprofit organization for people with disabilities.  We seek to build a community dedicated to nurturing the dignity of the human spirit and embracing the individual creativity in each of us through mindful Zen weaving.

Our Belief

We believe SAORI weaving provides on going joy for those facing challenges in their lives. Art, as a form of the healing process, contributes to personal growth, recovery and self-worth.  SAORI ARTS NYC offers weaving as an opportunity to build self-confidence and independence for these individuals.     


Our objective is to provide artists with the satisfaction, enhanced self worth and dignity through SAORI weaving. As facilitators, our staff engage and encourage individuals to build their confidence and independence.

  Listed below are some examples of individuals of all ages, whom we would like to engage into our weaving community.

  • People with developmental disabilities such as autism, cerebral palsy, and down syndrome.
  • Patients with chronic or life threatening illnesses such as individuals with sickle disease, multiple sclerosis, and cancer.
  • Individuals with mental illness.
  • Victims of domestic violence including women's shelters.


We provide outreach through workshops to individuals and groups within existing organizations. We encourage and seek collaborations with artists whom share the same mission and art making beliefs. Weaving consultations and training are available for those interested in collaborating with SAORI Arts NYC. To support our goals, we appreciate any contributions such as in the following ways:

  • We are accepting donations of yarn and Fabric:   Please contact us.
  • Our Wish List includes includes  3 additional looms, additional yarn and weaving equipment.
  • Visit our online shop to purchase SAORI artists' handmade products.
  • Referrals to organizations or ideas of groups that you think would like to work with us.
    • Please contact us.
      • SAORI ARTS NYC is able to work with an individual One on One Session or group session.  We also hope to have a studio location by the end of the year.  Contact us to find out what opportunities available  for you or your organization for individual or groups session.