Who we are

A nonprofit organization that brings free-style weaving to people of all ages with developmental, mental, or physical challenges


What We Do

  • Offer onsite weaving workshops and staff training

  • Create a safe environment for learning new skills

  • Nurture freedom of expression and inner strengths

  • Provide a lasting source of accomplishment


Jack’s Story

Left to right: SAORI teaching artist, Jack, and Jack’s mother

Left to right: SAORI teaching artist, Jack, and Jack’s mother

Jack, a 19-year-old, was diagnosed at age eight with adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD), a metabolic disorder characterized by progressive neurological deterioration. Working with a SAORI teaching artist, Jack hesitantly began to explore the loom, the shuttle, the pedals, touching everything. Then he eagerly pointed to the colors and textures of the yarns he wanted for his weaving. Although Jack has poor motor skills on his right side and is unable to speak, he can follow directions. With help, he was able to coordinate his hands and feet to work the loom. Jack was enthralled with his weaving, and his mother was delighted: “Look at Jack’s smile! And his interest and ability behind the loom!”


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