Comments Heard at  MSCHONY Weaving Program 2017-18

“This is wonderful!” Nurse on seeing us weaving with girl receiving chemo 

 “I did all that! I can’t believe it!” 7-year-old boy

 “This is fun! It’s the first thing I’ve liked so much other than my video games and playing basketball.” 13-year-old boy (patient)

 “This is great. She’s focused and busy!” Mother of 11-year old girl (patient)

 “This is really cool. I feel like I’m working out at gym. And also like an artist. If we had Show and Tell, I’d bring this and tell them I made it.” 8-year-old girl (patient)

“I know I’m done when I like the way it looks. I like to add a few things. . . . and do some solid and some mixed colors.” 8-year-old girl (patient)

“This is so cool. I thought I wanted to be a doctor when I grow up, but now I think I want to do this. Daddy, can we always come when they’re here so I can weave?” 8-year-old girl (patient)

“This is awesome! I like it because it’s useful. You can make things with it.” 9-year-old boy (sibling)

“I like this because I can do it myself. But it’s hard for me because I don’t know my left from my right. Maybe this will help.” 7 year-old girl

 “Cool! Cool!” 13-year-old girl (Patient)

“I like that she’s weaving because it exercises her legs and her arms. She’s been in a carriage or wheelchair most of her life.” Her father

 “This is very relaxing. More relaxing than painting because you don’t need to be perfect.”

“I could do this all day. I just love it!” 13 year-old girl (patient)

“She really likes this. I can tell just looking at her.” Her mother