Fifth Anniversary Memorial for Japan's Earthquake and Tsunami Victims


Sunday, March 6, 2016



On March 11, 2011, the eastern regions of Japan were struck by an earthquake and tsunami of unimaginable power. For many of us in New York, shock and sorrow compelled us to do something for the suffering victims, and we responded. Today, five years later, many of the stricken regions are being restored. The ground has been built up and the land has been reshaped in the coastal areas. Yet sixty-eight thousand people still live in temporary housing. There is an obvious gap between the restored areas, and the extensive lands that remain unrestored and are now depopulated. It will take more time for the people and their communities to regain their strength, but still they are striving to rebuild. After five years, the first thing we can do is to promise, once more, never to forget. Never forget that day or the survivors still living in those regions. And never forget the compelling compassion we felt on that day, wanting to do something, anything, for them. So today, let us come together again, listen to those voices through video recordings, and once more send our prayers to the survivors and the souls who were lost. Our message is: "We have not forgotten you. Together we will overcome and help Japan recover."
– SIDE BY SIDE – Let us join our hearts TOGETHER!

DATE: 3/6/16 (SUN) 
Doors Open: 4:00PM
Memorial Ceremony: 4:45PM – 6:00PM
Doors Close: 7:00PM

PLACE: First Church of Christ, Scientist
10 West 68th Street at Central Park West, New York, N.Y. 10023
Closest Subway: 1 @66th St (Lincoln Center) B, C @72nd St

Admission is free (donations for Japan Relief will be accepted)
All profit will be used to support relief in Northeastern Japan's affected areas.

Tsuanami  Cruise woven banner created by 3,000 people around the world

Tsuanami  Cruise woven banner created by 3,000 people around the world

Saori Arts NYC will be participating in this memorial and in honor of the earthquake and tsunami victims. After the 2011 natural disasters in Japan, SAORI tsunami cruise began in 2013. SAORI looms were sent to the fisherman coastal area of Tohoku, Iwate prefecture by Takashi Higashiyama of SAORI Hiroba. The survivors of Tohoku, the people of Napal and Thailand began exchanging warps to create one of 311 meters long. The warp traveled to these countries and NYC for people to weave together. The weaving became 350 meters long and now resides in Kobe, Japan. An estimated 3,000 people total wove this piece together, within a year long project.

Photo portraits of weavers in Tohoku

Photo portraits of weavers in Tohoku

In remembrance and creation of this incredible project, the city of Miyako in Iwate prefecture handmade woven apples and sent them to us in NYC as friendship items. These apples are a symbol of hope and global community that can be achieved worldwide. They will be for sale at the Fifth Anniversary Memorial event. All proceeds will be used to support relief in Northeastern Japan's affected areas. 


We hope you will join us in peace and compassion. See you at the Memorial!