SAORI Arts NYC weaves for Artworks: the Naomi Cohain Foundation

SAORI Arts NYC has partnered with Artworks: the Naomi Cohain Foundation since the Spring of 2017.   Artworks provides funding for SAORI Arts NYC to weave at the New York Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital.  From time to time on this blog, one of the  SAORI Arts NYC teaching artists  will share a picture and a story to illustrate the impact of SAORI weaving on children with life threatening illness, their siblings, parents and caretakers.   


Kaelem, at the young age of 7, is a natural artist and his approach to weaving  reflects his understanding and appreciation of the weaving in it’s pure art form.  Together we have woven a hotdog – pretty straight forward, all straight lines,  This was the first time the first time a beginning weaver, let alone an advanced weaver, has ever asked to weave an object.    We had to use some imagination, because I didn’t have any white thread, so we used yellow for the bread.  Luckily, he didn’t like mustard, so the ketchup distinguished the bread from the hotdog, which looked good enough to eat.  

The next thing he wanted to weave  was a sky with the sun, which required using his fingers and understanding how to create a rounded piece and not squish it.     A beautifully expressive piece of artistic weaving.      And very sophisticated for a 7 year old