International Society of Pediatric Oncology in Kyoto

In November 2018, Ria Hawks presented a poster in Kyoto at the  International Society of Paediatric Oncology  (SIOP)  The poster offered discussion on the work that SAORI Arts NYC is doing at Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital of New York, in the Pediatric Oncology Clinic.  

One aspect of the poster was to explore and justify ways to measure the outcome of weaving with children in the clinic. There is much subjective evidence to document enhanced Quality of  Life (QOL in the research lingo) in the children who wove in the clinic.  Below is a portion of the presentation: 

Subjective of Enhanced Quality of Life 

  • Patient sibling, age 15. She accompanied her younger sister
    at a clinic visit for chemotherapy. She felt extraneous, as if there were no purpose in her being there. 

  • We offered her the opportunity to weave, which she approached tentatively. She completed a tapestry and proudly showed it to her sibling and mother, who praised her. 

  • “I like weaving because it helps me forget what is on my mind. It gives me a new focus.

    Below is the piece she wove.

    How do you put a number on this is for Quantitative Research?