Japan Society pitch

We presented a short pitch at the Japan Society for the Asian American Arts Alliance Town Hall Meeting this month. Many artists and organizations joined us with their presentations. It was great to meet many creative people with interesting ideas and goals. Thanks Japan Society for having us and can't wait for the next town hall meeting!
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Nobu's tapestry was shown at the presentation.

Nobu's tapestry was shown at the presentation.

Featured Artist

Vincent Tiley x Butoh x SAORI

Thank you Vincent Tiley, for your butoh performance piece at our opening show! What a surprise and incredible idea, conjoining two performers into one body suit. The audience watched as they tousled and moved throughout the space, wearing a SAORI weaving made by Eriko Yamasaki. It really completed the night and matched perfectly with our acoustic musical performance. The two person body suit was a very intriguing approach to the collaboration project between weaver and artist/designer. We applaud the creativity and boldness in creating this piece. Bravo to the performers for your participation! Looking forward to your other artworks and career. Keep up the great work!

At Tenri Gallery on West 13th Street, NYC.

At Tenri Gallery on West 13th Street, NYC.

Designer website: collaboration with SAORI Arts nyc

Jenamarie Boots x SAORI

Thank you Jenamarie for posting your collaboration with us on your website! Can't wait to work with you for future events in the near future! Check out her work and her collaborative garment from the link below:

Designer and photo credit: Jenamarie Boots

SAORI weaver: Tamaki Kumasaka